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The last outdoor furniture you’ll ever need.

Ultimate Comfort. Lowest Maintenance.
Premiere Outdoor Furniture Luxury.

Residential and Commercial clients choose Poly Concepts to complete their outdoor oasis. Made from the highest quality raw materials and manufactured from state-of-the-art equipment, our products are carefully designed, tested and inspected by trained product specialists, guaranteeing ultimate low-maintenance and superior performance.
Our products are manufactured from a polypropylene material mixed with a heavy titanium alloy/resin, which is nearly impervious to Mother Nature. This unique material out performs traditional outdoor furniture in terms of weathering.  It will not peel, chip, fade, crack, yellow or require painting…ever. Our furniture is truly an all-weather solution. Rain or shine, snow or ice, our furniture endures all of the elements which means your furniture can stay outdoors 365 days a year. With the substantial weight of our product and unique wind-bearing designs, our furniture is much less likely to tip or blow in the wind. In addition to the the extreme durability, Poly Concepts’ material has a high tolerance to UV exposure, which maintains a comfortable temperature and keeps the furniture from getting extremely hot in direct sunlight.